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Christmas Gifting Guide 2018: Handmade Vintage Leather Bags and journals

Christmas Gifting Guide 2018: Handmade Vintage Leather Bags and journals

Christmas Gifting Guide 2018: Handmade Vintage Leather Bags and journals

Christmas Gifting season is in full Swing and we are observing a continuous increase in the demand of handmade and vintage products.

The basic selection of products for Christmas Gifting for anyone basically depends on 2 factors. They are uniqueness and reasonably priced worthy products.

The reason associated with the fact that variety of options are widely used and preferred for corporate gifting and the reason associated with them:


  1. Handmade Leather Journals :

Handmade Leather Journals are truly beautiful and are available in endless number of designs and patterns. The Handmade Artwork and Vintage / Retro Look on these journals is Unique in its own way. Personalization and Customization to great extends can be done on Handmade Leather Journals. These Journals are made in India and some manufacturers can provide standard sized journals unbelievable at USD 9 per Journal. In Addition, There is hardly any other product in the market that can defeat this product in terms of cost, worth and uniqueness.


  1. Leather Messenger Bags / Leather Laptop Bags:

Messenger Bags and Laptop Bags are one of the top popular choice for Gifting limited number of people. These are popular in Corporate, Office, etc. Now, when it comes to handmade leather bags and vintage leather bags, they add a feather to one’s cap. Handmade Vintage Leather Messenger Bags are available in various standard sizes like 15 Inches, 16 Inches and so on.


  1. Leather Duffel Bags / Luggage Bags / Leather Travel Bags:

Duffel or Travel Bags are not too Popular for Christmas Gifting. However when it comes to gifting individuals or few number of near and dear ones exclusively men, then these come out as most exclusive product for gifting. Duffel Travel bags are rough and tough, so the durability of the product is also very good. These types of gifts are memorable ones.


  1. Leather Sling Bags / Leather Clutches :

It has been observed that Ladies Leather Bags are one of the maximum selling products during the festival season. They are available in more variety of options like Sling Bags, Clutches, Totes, Handbags, Coin Purses, Embroidered Ladies Leather Bags, etc.

In Conclusion, we are about to observe a sharp increase in the sales before the season o Christmas ends.


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