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Handmade Leather Bags in India

Handmade Leather Bags in India:

Leather Panache is well known for Handmade Leather Bags in India. The bags produced by us naturally tanned by oiling in sunlight. These bags are handcrafted by highly skilled and experienced artisans using traditional techniques in the state of Rajasthan. (Handmade leather bags in India)

We create premium leather bags ranging from handmade Leather Messenger Bags, Leather Duffel Bags, Leather Laptop Bags, Leather Sling Bags, Luggage Bags. (Handmade leather bags in india)

Our products are both durable and timeless with a retro/vintage aesthetics. (Handmade leather bags in India)
We believe in supporting Indian tradition and establishing direct relationships with the people who bring our products to life. (Handmade leather bags India)


Handmade Leather Bags in India

We are a small-medium skilled team making each piece by hand in our workshop and thus different from the mass-produced machines item. (Handmade leather bags in India)

We are also open to all sorts of customization Hrequirements whether it be the size, pattern, design. (Handmade leather bags in India)

We are listed amidst the emerging Suppliers of Leather Backpack Bags and have been serving the markets in USA, UK, Europe and many other locations with our handmade products. We are a quality-driven firm and actively engaged in making the available high-quality range of products that are designed and developed using the natural raw material.