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Handmade Leather Journals Manufacturers in Brooklyn

Handmade Leather Journals Manufacturers in Brooklyn

Leather Panache – Handmade Leather Journals Manufacturers in Brooklyn are well known for offering Leather Diaries and Journals to it’s Esteemed Customers.

Whether you need a journal for travel, gifting, personal use, reselling, corporate gifting, promotional gifts, educational gifts, etc we have more than 200+ designs that are suitable for all purpose ! You will find exactly what you need in our collection of Fair Trade Handmade Leather Journals. (Handmade Leather Journals Manufacturers in Brooklyn )

These Handmade Leather Journals are handmade by skilled and experienced Artisans in Rajasthan. This provides employment of many Artisans and their Family. They feel respected when their Handmade Work is Appreciated. (Handmade Journals Manufacturers in Brooklyn )

There are many types of Handmade Leather Journals and few popular ones are :

  1. Stone Journals
  2. Lock Journals
  3. Embossed Journals
  4. Tree Of Life Journals
  5. Buddha Journals
  6. Om Journals
  7. Celtic Journals
  8. Engraved Journals

The major aspects and features of these leather journals can be summarised as follows :

  1. Handmade
  2. Amazing Finishing
  3. Hand Binding
  4. Vintage / Retro Look
  5. Customizable
  6. Variety Of Available Options

The usual materials and ingredients used in making Handmade Leather Journals are :

  1. Leather Cover
  2. Handmade Paper / Ivory Paper
  3. Rivets
  4. Metal Fittings
  5. Threads
  6. Color / Dye

These days, Handmade Leather Journals are indeed made in compliance with the International standards including size, number of papers. For this reason, these leather journals have entered into the world of corporates where people are bored of giving usual gifts.

These stand out from the rest and something handmade is always extraordinary special. The credit for this beautiful product goes to the skilled and experienced artisans and craftsmen who have proved their skills and sustaining in this world of ever changing demands.

Moreover these days, Artisans and Craftsmen themselves come up with new ideas that help each and everyone of us!