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6 Things you must know about Handmade Vintage Leather Journals

6 Things you must know about Handmade Vintage Leather Journals

6 Things you must know about Handmade Vintage Leather Journals

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals:

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals are a very unique and different kind of products to deal with. Whether you want to resell them or use them for Gifting in corporate, weddings, etc. you must know that these handmade vintage leather journals can be classified into many ways. Some of the major types of classification are as follows:

  1. Method of Making :

  • Pasting :

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals when made by pasting method won’t have any criss cross thread stitching marks on the edge. It takes longer to make handmade vintage leather journals through pasting method. Their are people who prefer pasting journals for selling them in New York and California.

  • Stitching :

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals when made by stitching method will be having criss cross markings of thread at the edges which would intensify the beauty of handmade and handmade look. These types of journals are prominent in the Retail Store Outlets in the New York and California.

  1. Type of Paper used :

  • Handmade Paper / Recycled Paper :

They are coarser in texture and thicker than the usual type of paper. The GSM of Paper used is between 100 GSM to 125 GSM. Handmade Paper enhances the look of handmade vintage leather journals.

  • Ivory Sheets :

These are Off White in color. Ivory Sheets are smoother and finer in texture as compared to Handmade Paper Sheets. Their are majority of  people who use these journals for reselling in the New York and California.

Things you must know about Handmade Vintage Leather Journals

  1. Color of Journals :

The most commonly used in Handmade Vintage Leather Journals is Dark Red or Maroon. Although other colors like Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow are also available.

  1. Size of Journals :

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals range from Miniatures to Over Sized Journals. Few common sized patterns of journals are :

  • Miniatures ( Size 4 x 4 Inches ) :

They are small sized pocket journals and you won’t believe their bulk prices can be as low as 1 USD per journal. Yes, it is true.

  • Standard Size Journals

The main standard sizes are 7 x 5 Inches, 8 x 6 Inches and 10 x 7  Inches.

  • Oversize Exceptional Journals :

Extremely large sized journals can sometimes look very extraordinary . Their sizes can be as large as of a dinner table’s size. Yes, it is true and I am not joking.

Their are people who buy these for showcasing exceptional handmade art in some stores in the New York and California.

  1. Pattern of Journals

There can be thousand of patterns of handmade vintage leather journals but few of the most commonly preferred patterns are :

5.1   Stone Journals :

They may have There are various designs available in stone journals like “The Seven Stone Journal”.

5.2   Embossed Journals :

The embossing done on the handmade vintage leather journals look extremely beautiful and thus signifies the depth of handmade work. There are various types of generic beautiful designs available in these type of journals including the tree of life journal, Celtic Leather Journal, Buddha Journals, Journals with Ganesha Journals, etc.

5.3  Side Stitch Journals :

These journals have side stitching of a leather cord running along the edges of the journal. This gives a beautiful look to the journals

  1. Enclosure of Journals :

  • Lock Enclosure :

Handmade Vintage Leather Journals with Lock Enclosure are considered as one of the best journals in terms of choice of people. Generally “C Lock” is preferred or used.

  • Thread Enclosure :

There is no such specific reason for using a thread instead of a lock. But, it definitely enhances the vintage style of journals.

  • Leather Cord Enclosure :

Leather Cord Enclosures are typically preferred by people who resell small to medium sized handmade vintage leather journals.

  • Touch Button Enclosure :

A touch button is rarely used and often not preferred because they match with handmade vintage leather journals. They indeed give a more formal look to the journals which is not preferred with handmade vintage leather journals.

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