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Natural Leather Handmade Vintage Bags: Facts Revealed

Natural Leather Handmade Vintage Bags: Facts Revealed

Natural Leather Handmade Vintage Bags: Facts Revealed

Natural Leather Handmade Vintage Bags: Facts Revealed

These days Natural Leather Handmade Vintage Bags are too popular. People are reselling these products in various parts of the world. It is seen that in past few years the demand of Natural Leather Bags has increased rapidly.

Why are they so special? Let us find out!

1. Natural Leather:

It may sound confusing to people that what could be natural leather. All genuine leathers are authentic and rich for sure but the natural leather bags are basically made from chemical free or unprocessed / unpolished leather. The bags are made from raw leather skins (rawhides) and hence they are called natural leather bags.

2. Handmade:

The natural leather bags are handmade. They are made from simple yet beautiful technique in western parts of India known as Rajasthan. The leather is also sourced locally due to its specific availability in this region. It provides employment to thousands of artisans!

3. Vintage:

Natural Leather Handmade Leather Bags develop a specific retro / vintage look due to the natural tanning process. The Bags are tanned in vegetable oil and sunlight. They develop shades of brown and each bag looks unique from others. Hence, these days they are also know as Vintage Leather Bags.

4. Cost Effective:

Resellers have a beautiful experience in reference to the cost effectiveness. Although they cannot be compared to European Style Bags but these bags stand at the top in overall category! This has led to increase in demand and ease of reselling. Some manufacturers can indeed provide them at USD 8 for bulk orders. This is unbelievable but true!

5. Type Of Leather Used:

The leather used is usually obtained from cattle’s mainly goat! The leather is very good and indeed one of the cheapest genuine leather available in the world. This particular leather has its own unique identity in the market!

6. Customization / Personalization Facilities Available:

The Customization Facilities like Logo addition, design variations looks beautiful when they are handmade. The beauty of Handmade lies in its Imperfections.

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