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Your Guide To Find The Perfect Handmade Leather Journal

Your Guide To Find The Perfect Handmade Leather Journal

Your Guide To Find The Perfect Handmade Leather Journal

From Where Should I Buy handmade leather Journal – Manufacturer or Retailer ?

  • Manufacturer : Purchase from a Manufacturer when you need handmade leather journal in bulk say 50 pieces. It will save your cost.  Also, If you need any customization facilities then preferring manufacturer will definitely give you an edge over retailers.
  • Retailer : In case you need a few journals of different designs, sizes and patterns then you should prefer a retailer for saving time. Also, If the design is common without any customization, then a retailer would serve your purpose very accurately. If you need handemade leather journal with strict quality measures, then retailers would be able to give you more styles and colors to explore.

I am Afraid to Order Online,  What  Should I do ?

You can Confidently go ahead, there is no issue in ordering Online. Indeed you can opt for various payment gateways available in the market like PayPal which are easy to use and provide safe and secured, thus providing both buyer and seller protection.

What are the Different types of Papers Available in handmade leather Journal ?

Generally there are 2 types of papers available in handmade leather journal :

  • Handmade Paper : This type of paper is usually preferred in journals and can be made from a variety of materials like recycled paper, organic materials, etc. The Handmade Paper is a bit Coarse in Texture
  • Ivory  Sheet : This is Machined Paper which is more smooth in Texture and this is also widely used in journals.

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What Size of handmade leather Journal Should I Prefer?

  • Size 8 x 6 Inches : This is mostly used for Corporate Giftings, for Clients, for Customization Requirements.
  • Size 5 x 3 Inches : This size or smaller than this size are called Miniatures and used as Pocket Sized Journals.
  • Size 10 x 7 Inches : This is considered as Large size and generally used when there is strict requirement for Customization.

What are the Different Types of Enclosures Available?

  • Metal lock :  Most commonly used lock called “ C-Lock “ is used for enclosure.
  • Touch Button :  A Touch button is also used sometimes which gives it a formal look.
  • Leather  Cord :  A Leather Cord is used which can be wrapped around the handmade leather journal to give it a retro look.
  • Thread : Sometimes a thread is also used for small journals for enclosure.

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