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Vintage Handmade Leather 7 Stone Journal With Lock

Vintage Handmade Leather 7 Stone Journal With Lock



✔ Size ( Approx. ) : 8 [ Length ] x 6 [ Breadth ]  in Inches.

✔ Material : Leather

✔ Color : Maroon / Dark Red

✔ Style : 7 Stone with  Lock




✔ Provided with 7 Stones at the Center with a Metal Lock / Latch for Enclosure.

✔ Provided with Center Round Stitching around the Stone and Embossing on the Leather Cover.

✔ Contains Approximately 100 Number of  Handmade / Recycled Pages.

✔ Handmade by the Stitching Method with Fine Embossing Work on the Journal Front Cover.

✔ Perfect to use for Gifting, Corporate, Personal Use, Reselling, etc.

✔ Purely Handmade by Skilled and Experienced Artisans with Dedication and Love.

✔ Can be Customized or Personalized to Great Extends as per the Requirements.

★ NOTE: Each Product by Leather Panache has a Distinctive Tone, Color or Shade, which may slightly differ from the Pictures / Photos shown here. Natural Leather from it’s nature has some Markings and Tanning on it so Every Product is Unique in it’s own way and also Reconfirms that it is Genuine. Also this is the only fact by which our Products are Unique in their own way and thus they develop Retro or Vintage look.


★ Important: Please enter your full address with your “Phone Number” in order to receive the product in a Timely and Accurate Manner.



Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1.5 in

Maroon / Dark Red


7 Stone



Number Of Pages





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